Welcome to the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor!

From the desk of the Seneschal, Lady Aoife

The following is a synopsis of information provided at the recent Roundtable regarding new Society-level requirements for waivers. 

1. Waiver forms must be filled out in their entirety

2. After each event, practice, or activity, the waiver must be filed with the kingdom waiver secretary within 10 days. This includes any practices. There is no exception.  Youth combat must follow the same requirements.

3. If no waivers were needed because everybody had a blue card, the Marshal running the activity is still required to turn in the form with a statement to that effect.

4. After each activity, a copy must be provided to the waiver secretary at waivers@seneschal.ansteorra.org and the Barony's Seneschal at seneschal@elfsea.ansteorra.org

5. Deputies for Rapier/Chiv, persons performing youth combat functions, or extra practices requiring waivers must comply with this requirement as well.  Please work with the assigned Marshal to ensure the forms are in by the 10th day following practice.

These requirements are in effect immediately and are non-negotiable. There are rather stiff penalties if we do not comply, up to, and including loss of privileges regarding practices, events, and the ability to be a Barony. The current Rapier Marshal and Knight Marshal have and understand the details, so please contact them (or me) with any follow-up questions. 

Knight Marshal will need deputies, if you are interested in learning the position, contact Lord Herries at marshal@elfsea.ansteorra.org.

 Rapier Marshal is open for applications.  If interested, submit an application to me at Seneschal@elfsea.ansteorra.org, and courtesy copy Herr Andreas at rapier@elfsea.ansteorra.org

Thanks to each of you for continuing to make Elfsea a fun place to pursue this dream. 

​Vivat, Team Elfsea!​

In Service,
Lady Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
Seneschal, Barony of Elfsea

The Canton of Dragonsfire Tor is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study and recreation of the medieval era. We study the time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

To get in touch with members of our group and to keep up with what's going on in our corner of the Knowne World, there is the Dragonsfire Tor e-mail list. Sign up or read the archives here.

The canton of Dragonsfire Tor is a protectorate of the Barony Elfsea located in the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra. Mundanely this is known as Stephenville, TX and the surrounding area including members who are students at Tarleton State University.

Members of our Canton participate in a wide variety of activities associated with the medieval era and its surrounding times. These activities are usually divided into three different categories: Combat, Arts & Sciences, and Events.


Combat in the SCA is based on styles prevalent during the Age of Chivalry; Chivalric Fighting, Rapier Fighting, and Archery. Each of these types of combat are practiced under the purview of experienced fighters.

Weapons commonly used by the SCA include greatswords, rapiers, glaives, pollaxes, daggers, longbows, and crossbows.

Arts & Sciences

Great focus in the SCA is given to learning and preserving the old arts and sciences of the period.

Arts included are blacksmithing, cooking, weapons making, sewing,

calligraphy Definition: decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering.

synonyms: handwriting, script, penmanship, hand, pen

"the scribe's meticulous calligraphy"

, shoemaking, beekeeping, and

illumination Definition: the art of illuminating a manuscript.

Synonyms: decoration, illustration, embellishment, adornment, ornamentation

"the illumination of a manuscript"


The Canton hosts several events across the course of the year in addition to the events hosted by other SCA groups in the region. These events are opportunities for members to gather among friends, wear period clothing, eat period food, and camp using period tents and equipment. Among these these greater events we have a monthly meeting of the Canton's Populace.