Welcome to the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor!

Greetings Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor,

Populace was great! Thank you to all those that attended. For those new, or returning, please make plans to attend populace meetings each month. This is where the business of the Barony is discussed, and decisions are made. This is where you can get to know fellow Elfsea (and even DFT) members, learn about the offices, how to apply for them and how to bid for events. It is an essential part of the Barony, we look forward to seeing more of you there!

Travel Pavilion is ordered! Thank you, Master Caelin, for completing this for us. We cannot wait to take it to events.

We wish to thank Edwin for being an excellent Knight Marshall for the past 2 years. He has been at every practice, encouraging all the new fighters that have been coming out. Thank you for a job very well done!!!
On that note, please welcome Herries to the office. He has jumped in and ensured there will be no lapse in the office. Thank you!!

Aoife is now Deputy Seneschal. Thank you for applying, and taking on this position. We hope you enjoy it, and learn much. Congratulations!

The offices of Herald, Chronicler and Chamberlain are currently open. Please consider applying for one of these offices.

We wish to Thank Guyon for being a terrific Seneschal for Dragonsfire Tor. It is not an easy job, and he did it with grace and patience. Eoghan mac Cinatha stepped in as Deputy, to Interim Seneschal while the applications were open. Thank you very much!! Dragonsfire Tor's new Seneschal is Franklin. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you!

Bids for Elfsea Defender will close October 21. If you have any questions, there are plenty in the Barony that have run events, please just ask. Bids for Elfsea Artisan and Baronial College are open.

Look for information Regarding BAM, and the 5th Sunday tourny with Steppes!!

Schedule: Wautaga Library demo September 25, THIS thursday - 5-8
Loch Ruadh Day of Games September 27 (THIS Saturday)
Arlington Library Demo October 25
Coronation October 11

Thank you to everyone for remembering to have fun!!


In Service,

Gerhart and Elspeth
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea
Lord and Lady of DragonsfireTor

The Canton of Dragonsfire Tor is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study and recreation of the medieval era. We study the time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

To get in touch with members of our group and to keep up with what's going on in our corner of the Knowne World, there is the Dragonsfire Tor e-mail list. Sign up or read the archives here.

The canton of Dragonsfire Tor is a protectorate of the Barony Elfsea located in the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra. Mundanely this is known as Stephenville, TX and the surrounding area including members who are students at Tarleton State University.

Members of our Canton participate in a wide variety of activities associated with the medieval era and its surrounding times. These activities are usually divided into three different categories: Combat, Arts & Sciences, and Events.


Combat in the SCA is based on styles prevalent during the Age of Chivalry; Chivalric Fighting, Rapier Fighting, and Archery. Each of these types of combat are practiced under the purview of experienced fighters.

Weapons commonly used by the SCA include greatswords, rapiers, glaives, pollaxes, daggers, longbows, and crossbows.

Arts & Sciences

Great focus in the SCA is given to learning and preserving the old arts and sciences of the period.

Arts included are blacksmithing, cooking, weapons making, sewing,

calligraphy Definition: decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering.

synonyms: handwriting, script, penmanship, hand, pen

"the scribe's meticulous calligraphy"

, shoemaking, beekeeping, and

illumination Definition: the art of illuminating a manuscript.

Synonyms: decoration, illustration, embellishment, adornment, ornamentation

"the illumination of a manuscript"


The Canton hosts several events across the course of the year in addition to the events hosted by other SCA groups in the region. These events are opportunities for members to gather among friends, wear period clothing, eat period food, and camp using period tents and equipment. Among these these greater events we have a monthly meeting of the Canton's Populace.