Champions of Dragonsfire Tor

The champions of Dragonsfire Tor are chosen during the annual Guardian of the Tor (spring) and Yule Revel (winter) events hosted by the Tor. The champions win the right to represent the Tor through tournament or competition and hold the title for the following year until the next event.

Chivalric Champion
Guardian XXVI

Creppin l'Ostriche

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Guardian XXVICreppin l'Ostriche
Guardian XXVLouis le Blaireau
Guardian XXIVHrafn Olafsson
Guardian XXIIIAlejandro Ramirez Mendoza
Guardian XXIIRagnar Svensson
Guardian XXILochlan Dunn
Guardian XXLouis le Blaireau
Guardian XIXWolf Derganger
Guardian XVIILouis le Blaireau
Guardian XVIAiraklee Wolf
Guardian XVLouis le Blaireau
Guardian XIVTomas Nialagain
Guardian XIIITomas Nialagain
Guardian XIIDaire deHaya
Guardian XIVirgil von Augsburg
Guardian XIvan Howard of Hightower
Guardian IXGalen of Bristol
Guardian VIIIAiraklee Wolf
Guardian VIIIvan Howard of Hightower
Guardian VIGalen of Bristol
Guardian VGalen of Bristol
Guardian IVGalen Niccoli
Guardian IIIMikael of Monmouthshire
Guardian IIRobin of Gilwell
WhitsuntideSeamus of the Cats
Rapier Champion
Guardian XXVI

Isaac von Basel

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Guardian XXVIIsaac von Basel
Guardian XXVMiles Ridley
Guardian XXIVJohn Drake
Guardian XXIIIAndreas von Meißen
Guardian XXIIAvery Shaw
Guardian XXIDiederic Andrieszen
Guardian XXUlf Nachdem Tor
Guardian XIXGuyon Dupre
Guardian XVIIIUillecc MacUillecc Dubh
Guardian XVIIBrendan McEwen
Guardian XVIIngve of York
Guardian XV Brendan McEwen
Guardian XIVValentyne Drake
Guardian XIIIDarius of the Bells
Guardian XIIDirk the Just
Guardian XIEdward Mercer
Guardian XEdward Mercer
Guardian IXDuncan Hepburn
Guardian VIII Brendan McEwen
Guardian VIILlwellyn Gruffyd
Guardian VIGenevieve del Gamba
Guardian VMiguel Sebastian de Oport
Guardian IVMiguel Sebastian de Oport
Guardian IIIMiguel Sebastian de Oport
Guardian IIRobin of Gilwell
Archery Champion
Guardian XXVI

Solumundr of Bryn Gwlad

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Guardian XXVISolumundr of Bryn Gwlad
Guardian XXVRonald fitz Robert
Guardian XXIVWilliam Palfrey
Guardian XXIIIGavin the Younger
Guardian XXIICaelin on Andrede
Guardian XXIGavin the Younger
Guardian XXEkaterina Kharlampieva
Guardian XIXKaitlyn McKenna
Guardian XVIIIDaniel OCeileachair
Guardian XVIIGavin the Younger
Guardian XVIAislyn of Glenwyrd Fen
Guardian XVManfred von Hookenstein
Guardian XIVLord Kerrick
Guardian XIIIArcus Fearghus MacKenna
Guardian XIISebastian Eton Frobishire
Guardian XIWilliam Ironwyrm
Guardian XFearghus MacKenna
Guardian IXFearghus MacKenna
Guardian VIIIFearghus MacKenna
Guardian VIIHakon
Guardian VISebastian Eton Frobishire
Guardian VSebastian Eton Frobishire
Guardian IVSebastian Eton Frobishire
Guardian IIIEadric of Hastings
Bardic Champion
Guardian XXVI

Lauretta d'Avenporte

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Guardian XXVILauretta d'Avenporte
Guardian XXVUriah of Wolfstar
Guardian XXIVLauretta d'Avenporte
Guardian XXIIIEdward of the Forest
Guardian XXIIMagge McPherson
Guardian XXLauretta d'Avenporte
Guardian XIXPadraig Ruad O'Maolagain
Guardian XVIIManfred von Hookenstein
Guardian XVIDarius of the Bells
Guardian XVPrudence the Curious
Guardian XIVDarius of the Bells
Guardian XIIIRobin of Gilwell
Guardian XIIPadraig Ruad O'Maoligain
Guardian XIGimli Svansson
Guardian XLlywelyn Gruffydd
Guardian IXPhillip White
Guardian VIIIDarius of the Bells
Guardian VIILauretta d'Avenporte
Guardian VIMara of Rede
Guardian VGalen of Bristol
Guardian IVMiguel Sebastian de Oport
Guardian IIIReginleif Ragnarsdottir
Guardian IIDee Nash
Artisan Champion
Yule Revel XXIII

Micola Soranzo

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Yule Revel XXIIIMicola Soranzo
Yule Revel XXIICaitrina inghean Mhurchadha
Yule Revel XXIAaliz du Lac
Yule Revel XXLauretta d'Avenporte
Yule Revel XIXEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird
Yule Revel XVIIILyonete von Leyden
Yule Revel XVIIVincenso
Yule Revel XVIAurelia Yverneau
Yule Revel XVRosalia di Bellavita
Yule Revel XIVElin the Timid
Yule Revel XIIIDesiree Dupre
Yule Revel XIIPhillip White
Yule Revel XIGenevieve de Courtaneax
Yule Revel XGenevieve del Gamba
Yule Revel IXCeinwen ferch Rhuol
Yule Revel VIIIDarius of the Bells
Yule Revel VIIReginleif Ragnarsdottir