Tournament of Champions'


  1. Each officially recognized local branch and incipient branches may sponsor two (2) combatants into the Tournament of Champions: one (1) into the Chivalric Tournament and one (1) into the Rapier Tournament.
  2. Each combatant may only accept one (1) sponsorship and may only enter the one tournament for which they received sponsorship.
  3. Sponsorship into the tourneys may be accepted or declined by the combatant. Sponsorship may not be transferred by the combatant. A combatant who accepts sponsorship into a tournament and is unable to attend may relinquish that sponsorship and the sponsor may offer sponsorship to another combatant.
  4. The Baron and/or Baroness of each Barony is responsible for deciding how they will determine who is to be offered the sponsorship for their Barony.
    The seneschal of Non-baronial branches (shires, cantons, etc.) will be responsible for determining how sponsorship will be offered by their group.
  5. Each Crown, jointly, having ascended the Stellar Throne in Calendar Year 2017 may sponsor one combatant in each tournament.
  6. Each King's Champion selected in Calendar Year 2017 may enter the Chivalric Tournament. Each Queen's Champion selected in Calendar Year 2017 may enter the Rapier Tournament. No prizes are required to be donated by the King's and Queen's champions as they are Champions of the Kingdom and do not require sponsorship.
  7. A tournament for each field (chivalric and rapier) will be held the morning of Tournament of Champions to give any combatants without sponsorship one last chance at entry into the list. No combatant with sponsorship may enter these tournaments.
  8. Each group and Royal pair will be responsible for providing a donation to the prize baskets for each combatant they sponsor into a tourney. A group sponsoring only one fighter need only provide a donation for the tourney prize basket that their fighter enters.
  9. All groups and Royal pairs are requested to send an email to to preregister their combatants by December 1, 2017.
  10. The victor of the prior years Tournament of Champions Chivalric list (2016) may not enter this year's Chivalric Tournament of Champions List (2017). The victor of the prior years Tournament of Champion Rapier list (2016) may not enter this year's Rapier Tournament of Champions List (2017).
    Because each combatant may only accept one (1) sponsorship please confirm with your Champion ASAP; contact Countess Toryn Sevenstiches [javascript protected information] or by phone at [javascript protected information].