Tournament of Champions'

Answers to common questions:

    • Can I bring bottled water/beverages from home?
    • YES! Provided the beverages are not in glass or breakable containers. Bottled water, gatorade, coffee, tea and hot chocolate will all be available for purchase on site as well!
    • I don’t like what the concession stand is offering for sale - OR - I have food sensitivities what do I do?
    • That’s ok! Pack a cooler and bring food from home! Just remember, no glass or breakable containers and no metal table knives.
    • I’m a rebel! I’m going to bring some booze anyway! No one can tell me what to do!
    • The no alcohol policy will be enforced by SCA site security as well as NRH20 security....otherwise known as the NRH Police Department. Violation of this rule holds serious consequences for you and the SCA. I love rebellion but pick another battle, please.
    • I kinda like the looks of the concession stand menu, but I’ve got questions!
    • We were not provided with an ingredients list for the items, only prices. Specific questions can be directed to Countess Toryn Sevenstiches [javascript protected information] or by phone at [javascript protected information]. I will try to get answers for you asap.
    • What is a hot dog / smores kit?
    • Glad you asked! There will be a fire pit (how fun is that???) where you can roast your own hot dog and make your own smore! NRH2O is doing this special for us!